Healthcare Technology Firm Rehab Boost Announces Series A Funding Round
Salt Venture Partners collaborates with Acon to acquire majority interest in Formación Alcalá


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SALT Venture Partners joins forces with Boyne Capital to acquire Double Wood LLC, a leading direct-to-consumer nutritional supplements company

Double Wood has seen significant growth, and has been included in the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing private companies in America.


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World Education Day, Unesco


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No more fear of coding

A codeless world will take a long, long time to be here, so it is our job to make coding simple to allow everyone to learn it.


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Kanecode, the platform to face the new economy

Kanecode enhances the traditional application development process, swapping lines of code for visuals that everyone can understand; and enabling all the company staff, regardless of their previous technical knowledge, to create Digital Solutions.


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Digitalizing learning

The top barrier to digitization is the lack of awareness among companies about how technology works.


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Inclusive automation

Automating should not be synonymous with job losses, but an opportunity to empower people to create technology.


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Kanecode, the IT solution that helps companies to face the new economy

With Kanecode, ideas swiftly go from paper to reality, as it does not require large development teams to build applications, and adapts to any budget to develop all types of digital projects: Smart Web Pages, E-Commerce, Management Systems , File Manager, Department Solutions or any other idea.


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Big business and Low Code

Only with accessible, easy to implement and use technology, Large Companies will be able to face the upcoming economic crisis.


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Building accessible technology

People live with hundreds of web solutions every day, to help them achieve a specific task faster, but what should become an advantage to manage tasks, becomes a headache when someone does not know how to use it. This means that many companies cannot trade their products massively, because it can only be used by a specific type of people.


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Let's democratize tech learning

Every once in a while, the debate about whether or not schools and colleges are teaching students the skills they need to face the rapidly evolving future of jobs ignites again.


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The art of teaching

Teaching is one of the greatest acts of kindness, it is a selfless quality that pertains to the human species, a way of giving other people our greatest tool: Knowledge.


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SALT Venture Partners announces merger with cloud-based, software development platform EBD to create Kanecode

This acquisition and new brand bring together an industry leading software development platform and the experience of the SALT Venture Partners team to accelerate the growth of businesses or entrepreneurs in early stages of the business, to support the fast development of Kanecode's new products and the Brand expansion across Europe and the Americas.


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